A Lasting Impact!

Our program includes four exciting components: Workshops, Webinars, Digital Forums, and Resource Guides and Assessment Tools.

We offer informative and interactive workshop experiences taught by industry and subject matter experts. In addition, we conduct convenient online training for those who may not be able to attend in person. Our digital discussions are led by women who’ve succeeded and understand what it takes to step out on faith and go for it! And, we’ve got links to organizations, partners and online tools that will help you get started, find funds and expand your business.

What to expect?

  • Real, informative, relevant workshop topics
  • 3 hour, roll up your sleeves, dig deep workshops
  • Expert speakers and facilitators
  • Expert tips and advice on being a woman and an entrepreneur
  • Helpful takeaways and workbooks
  • Networking and best of breed sharing
  • Convenient workshops located in cities and neighborhoods near you
  • Fresh perspective on jumpstarting your business
  • Where to find money for your business even if your credit is not perfect
  • Strategies on how to find a mentor and support group

How to Start & Expand a Food Service Business
Odyssey Circle Member Delilah Winder, “The Queen of Mac and Cheese,” has owned and operated eight different franchises and restaurants. Odyssey Media has featured her as a speaker and workshop presenter for the past eight years. This superstar hails from Philadelphia where she has worked hard to bring healthy food and nutrition to the forefront of our communities.
The Single Woman Conundrum
Successful Odyssey small business owners reach back in our communities to mentor and teach. Workshops include featured speakers, online assessment, tool kit, webinars and digital community.

Heartfelt authentic discussions led by Odyssey Women on how to push through, find your passion and reimagine your life with purpose. Workshops include featured speakers, online assessment and tool kit.

Odyssey Women with proven track records give tips and advice on the business of beauty, product launches, getting noticed, online sales and the rise of the multicultural beauty consumer.