Recap: Impact in Chicago!


Check out the photos from Impact Odyssey’s Women’s Entrepreneur Workshop: How to Start a Food Service Business in Chicago. The Chicago women entrepreneurs and aspiring restaurant business owners witnessed an awesome interview with Delilah Winder; Startup Business Coach, Restaurateur & “The Queen of Mac & Cheese.” Participants were treated to a dynamic 5by20 Coca-Cola workshop from Becky Davis, The Bosspreneur.

Meet Entrepreneur, Sharon Osinaike creator of Dr. Herbal Hair Oil.


Left to Right: BOSSpreneur Becky Davis (Coca-Cola 5by20 Business Coach) Sharon Jarrett (Odyssey Media SVP of Events and Experiences) & Delilah Winder (The Queen of Mac & Cheese)


Meet personal chef, Chef Luckey of Chicago.


Participants take notes during an awesome interview with Delilah Winder.


Meet Erika Durham (@theycallmecheferika) Chef, Food Blogger, Tastemaker.

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