Starting a Food Service Business

How to open a restaurant (and keep It open!), featuring Odyssey Media expert Delilah Winder. Opening a restaurant is easy, however, keeping it open, managing staff, attracting clients and obtaining funding is not for the faint of heart.   

The Single Woman Conundrum

Successful Odyssey small business owners reach back in our communities to mentor and teach. Workshops include featured speakers, online assessment, tool kit, webinars and digital community.

Entrepreneurs of Faith

This workshop focuses on the biblical principles that apply today's women who want to start a business or expand their current one.  Character traits such as leadership, determination, innovation, and a belief in a higher power were present then–and are needed now!  Don't miss this engaging, funny, and informative discussion with the Reverend Claudia W. Spradley–a nationally recognized expert on women of the bible.